The insurance sector in Ghana is expanding. With the rise in technology, the change in the needs of customers, insurance companies must also review the way of doing things. Though insurance penetration in Ghana is still relatively low, there is a lot of potential.

The move to the digital world is unavoidable; connecting to the rest of the world, shopping for our needs, buying tickets for that movie or event, every chore that used to take people out there is now just a click and even in this covid-19 pandemic, working virtually has become the new normal.

The Ghanaian insurance customer may be slower to adapt to the digital world when it comes to Insurance. There is truth when we say insurance is an already complex industry so people will definitely be hesitant to take the whole process online. 61% of Life insurance sales were from agents and about 71% of non-life insurance sales were from brokers and agents (according to NIC 2019 report); thus it is safe to say that the Ghanaian customer is comfortable with the human interaction.

The good news is; the evolving technology has made buying insurance online safe with increased firewall protection for our transactions and security checks to keep our personal information safe. These changes have made buying insurance online the way to go coupled with easy access and fast documentation.

Also, your decision to buy insurance online is entirely yours. I am sure we have all bought insurance we did not necessarily need at the time or did not even plan for but because you were convinced by an agent and later got frustrated by the deductions as we did not understand fully what we got ourselves in. However, with buying insurance online, the power is yours from start to finish.

With the emergence of insurance aggregators in Ghana, you can even compare insurance products across companies, benefits and sum assured. Thus, there is access to a pool of information to make an informed decision specific to your need. Convenience means buying insurance anywhere, any day, any time, and your insurance documents are sent digitally to you. In our fast-paced world, time is money; and your time is too valuable to spend so much of it trying to buy insurance when there is a digital world to take advantage of. With easy upload options for documents, buying insurance becomes comparatively hassle-free and quick.

If you are still confused about this complex industry and not comfortable with the whole insurance digitalization; there is still round-the-clock online assistance in the form of live chats, email support, and phone calls to help make the process stress-free.

So the next time you decide to buy insurance to protect the most important things in your life, do not forget there is a whole digital world to take advantage of like what we at BestQuote Ghana have created for people like you to buy insurance with no hassle. You can buy MotorTravel, or Property insurance with Health insurance in the making and soon to arrive. With coronavirus still in waves and we being advised to restrict movement, your life can still go on because insurance is now at your fingertips.